Posted by Christo du Plessis on 30 Mar 2017
Feedmaster, the major local producer of animal feeds in Namibia, is in the process to invest in the most modern feed mill technology to be able to serve the Namibian livestock producers with advanced scientific and technologically advanced animal feeds. This investment came as a result of constant growth in the ruminant feed market sector and advances in local precision farming practises which requires the use of animal feeds to improve livestock production profitability. The new Feedmaster ruminant feed mill will replace the current feed mill in the northern industrial area of Windhoek. The… Read More
Posted by Norbert Neumann on 25 Jan 2017
Change in the present farming business is inevitable now more than 50 years back. With the global environment playing an all bigger part and influencing the on-farm decision making, change cannot be ignored in any way. In the previous Agra Ring publication (Dec ‘16/Jan ’17) the focus was on-change in general. Figure 1 shows the behavioural change within persons and the nett result of all communication and actions with the influence of positive and negative forces, changing from an existing horizon (present level of intervention) to a new level of intervention, de Klerk and Düvel (1982).… Read More
Posted by Norbert Neumann on 17 Jan 2017
What influences our decisions making process? Why do we repeat practices within our farming business, nevertheless the fact that we are through such difficult times already once! This change process is more complex that one imagine as this derives from aspects that are not commonly investigated by ourselves nor that we make time to learn these aspects as these are not tangible, unknown to us or because it needs another level of intervention and understanding with which we are not familiar of. Our thinking and action is shaped by our past (near or far) and also applies to farming practice we… Read More
Posted by Christo du Plessis on 15 Dec 2016
Kry Feedmaster-toep onder die knie:-Lick Intake Calculator Vir hierdie uitgawe help ons om jou Futterfos-behoeftes vir die Januarie tot April 2017 tyd­perk uit te werk deur die lick intake calculator op die Feedmaster-toep baas te raak. Om te begin, moet jy eers die Feedmaster-toep van Google Play Store kliek aflaai (www.play.google.com/store) deur op die install-knoppie te gaan klik. Stap een So lyk die Feedmaster-toep op Google Play Store (onder). Om dit af te laai, klik op die groen install-knop (aangedui met die rooi sirkel). Sodra geïnstalleer sal dié skerm opkom (foto bo). Vir die… Read More
Posted by Christo du Plessis on 1 Sep 2016
Feedmaster-personeel is tot boere se diens om hulle leiding te gee in die gebruik van die nuwe slimfoon-toepassing vir omvattende boerderybestuur. Twee boereverenigings het Feedmaster reeds voor die amptelike bekendstelling van dié hulpmiddel op 21 Julie genader om hul lede touwys te maak. Die verwagting is dat baie meer sal volg. As jy reeds ‘n Feedmaster-rekening het, kan jy net aanteken en laat waai. Andersins kan die gebruiksvriendelike toepassing gratis afgelaai word van Google Play of App Store. Feedmaster het gevorderde selfoontegnologie vir verhoogde produksie en suksesvolle… Read More