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Posted by Admin on 16 Jul 2021
Why the need for Protein Supplements? In ruminants, the rumen fulfils the need for a fermentation cask. The volume of an adult rumen varies from animal to animal, but it is usually in the vicinity of 4 to 10 litres in sheep and 100 to 300 litres in cattle. In as early as 1891, researchers indicated that a lack of protein in the feed brings about a decrease in digestibility of particularly the fibrous parts of feed. Ruminants, and not single-stomach animals, use microbes (bacteria and protozoa) to help them digest food to a certain extent, and later the animal digests the more easily… Read More
Posted by Admin on 13 Nov 2020
During the dry season from July to December, there is a huge drop in the nutritional value of natural pastures. Animals need more time and spend more energy to satisfy their nutritional needs. Most ewes struggle to raise twins which are common during this time of year. Fortunately, animals that are kraaled every night allow the owner to assist his animals daily. The following feeding guidelines will contribute to better production: 1. Treatment of Ewes which also contribute to better growth of Kids and Lambs Start supplementing ewes within the last 3 weeks before lambing! Ewes with twins… Read More
Posted by Admin on 5 Nov 2020
OVERVIEW The Company is committed to economic development in Namibia, therefore it invites applications to apply to the Graduate In Training (GIT) Programme for young Namibians. Our GIT Programme has been designed to develop talented recent graduates into the future talent of tomorrow. The Company seeks graduates that are team orientated, self-motivated and innovative. The Company’s GIT Programme is a twelve (12) month development programme aimed at developing recent Bachelor’s Degree graduates who display potential to develop into the future talent of tomorrow. The main aim being; to… Read More
Posted by Admin on 7 Apr 2020
Download for FREE: Free Chicken Colouring Fun for the Kids Read More
Posted by Admin on 12 Feb 2020
Die kuddesamestelling van veeboerdery verwys na die verhoudings tussen ramme, ooie, vervangingsooie en lammers op die plaas. Vir optimale produksie en volhoubare weidingsbestuur is daar spesifieke riglyne om te volg. Vir enige vleisproduksie-eenheid moet die kuddesamestelling deurlopend bestuur word. Die bestuur van die veegetalle begin by die korrekte veebelading of bestokking van die plaas wat ‘n baie groot invloed het op volhoubare vleisproduksie. Elke plaas het sy eie drakrag wat bepaal word deur die plaas se ligging, grondtipes, weidingsamestelling, kleinvee, grootvee en reënval. ‘n… Read More