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Posted by Admin on 4 Apr 2024
Dear Equestrian community When it comes to feeding your horse, we want to make things easier; therefore, Equibran mash will now be replaced with Equibran pellets, which can be used as a complementary feed with a balanced horse feed. This product can be fed dry or soaked in water, allowing for more flexibility and a lower chance of choking when the product has not been moistened by mistake. Equibran offers an optimal fiber source with high-quality protein and is a natural source of phosphorus. Equibran, also known as digestive wheat bran, is low in starch and high in digestible fibre. It… Read More
Posted by Admin on 22 Dec 2022
The KEY = Phosphorous Supplementation What are the critical areas in red meat production that drive profitability? Weaner percentage Weaner weights Optimal utilization of your cheapest feed source, namely natural pastures Marketing at the right time, place, and price, but it is only possible if you have animals to market. In this article, we want to look at the impact of the right phosphate supplement on the above key areas that drive profitability. Phosphate supplementation is too expensive: right or wrong? The perception exists that phosphorous supplementation is too expensive,… Read More
Posted by Admin on 27 Oct 2022
Jaarlikse ramaankope, ooiseleksie en die versorging en seleksie van jong ooie verseker genetiese vordering! Die jong ooie of vervangingsootjies dra by tot die genetiese vordering of verbetering in die kudde en verhoed dat die ooitrop se gemiddelde ouderdom nie te hoog raak nie. Dit word gedoen deur al die ooie wat deur die jaar op grond van ouderdom, swak produksie en lae reproduksie uitgeskot word, te vervang met beter jong ooie. Navorsing bevestig wat produsente oor die jare ervaar: Ooitjies wat gedurende die eerste 2 maande na geboorte goed gegroei het, presteer baie beter oor die res… Read More
Posted by Admin on 2 Mar 2022
Mineral Composition Futterfos P6 Rock Salt Calcium 66 0 Phosphorus 60 0 Urea 0 0 Salt 50% 95% + Magnesium 1800 0 Sulphur 2 0 Cobalt 4 0 Copper 150 0 Manganese 650 0 Zinc 800 0 Iodine 15 0 Selenium 3 0 Daily intake: Ewe 20g 6g Cow 150g 50g Rock Salt cannot improve animal production due to the lack of phosphorus and other essential minerals. 40kg Futterfos +… Read More
Posted by Admin on 16 Jul 2021
Why the need for Protein Supplements? In ruminants, the rumen fulfils the need for a fermentation cask. The volume of an adult rumen varies from animal to animal, but it is usually in the vicinity of 4 to 10 litres in sheep and 100 to 300 litres in cattle. In as early as 1891, researchers indicated that a lack of protein in the feed brings about a decrease in digestibility of particularly the fibrous parts of feed. Ruminants, and not single-stomach animals, use microbes (bacteria and protozoa) to help them digest food to a certain extent, and later the animal digests the more easily… Read More