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Posted by Claudia Isabell Mack on 2 Mar 2022
Supplementary feeding to cattle and sheep can increase your turnover. However, when used incorrectly advantages can be diminished. It is therefore important to make sure which type of supplementation is best suited for the current season, your particular veld and your animals. Why phosphorous/phosphate supplementation in the green season? In the summer months, also called the green season in Namibia, the most common lick used by small stock and large stock farmers is a salt and phosphate lick. Phosphate is a source of phosphorous. Research has shown that with green pastures in Namibia, the… Read More
Posted by Claudia Isabell Mack on 13 Aug 2019
The effect of tannins on the digestive system of free-range ruminants was first observed in browsers such as kudus, which died for no apparent reason. It was after some research concluded that even though there was abundant fodder available, something was limiting the digestions of the fodder. This limiting factor was found to be tannins. Tannins are phenolic compounds that form strong bonds with proteins, cellulose, starch, and minerals in several plant species which are often consumed by ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats and also game. The physical and chemical properties of tannins… Read More