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The technical team and nutritionist at Feedmaster decided a little over a year ago to improve the Equimaster horse feed range to make it the top option for Namibian horse owners and their animals.

The goal is to create a very appealing feed that will satisfy even the pickiest horses while offering a full meal to supplement the roughage portion of the horse's daily nutritional requirements.

This range includes a Maintenance (min 12% protein), Performance (min 14% protein) and Endurance (min 11% protein) feed. The Equimaster Maintenance and Performance feed are available in muesli and pellets, and the Endurance feed is only in muesli. The Equimaster Maintenance feed is versatile and can be used for all horses. It is perfect for the farm horse after a day's work, a pony used for hacking, and a dressage and showjumper who does light to moderate work. Even young growing horses thrive beautifully on this feed, which is adequate in protein, starch, vitamin and mineral levels, ensuring a daily balanced meal.

The Equimaster Performance feed is for the horse that does moderate to intense work, like the advanced dressage or showjumper, and the cross-country horse that requires short bursts of energy. This 14% protein feed provides enough protein for muscle tissue recovery and the right amount of energy the hard-working horse requires. This product may even give the lazy horse a kickstart. Due to its higher protein level, this feed is also suitable for young, growing stock, pregnant and lactating mares, and working stallions.

The Equimaster Endurance Muesli is specially formulated for the endurance horse, requiring a slow energy-releasing feed. A high oil and lower starch level ensure optimal endurance performance. The high fibre content will help with water retention and overall gut health during endurance rides. This muesli is ultimately maize free, which also makes this an ideal feed for "hot" horses or horses that are sensitive towards maize. Both muesli and pellets are very palatable and are formulated to meet the horses' requirements. However, the muesli is a little extra. The mueslis are highly palatable and non-dusty due to the higher molasses inclusion. This gives the product a nice look and ensures constant feed intake. Wetting this product is unnecessary due to its higher molasses content, allowing the horse to chew its feed and release saliva containing digestive enzymes, which helps maintain a healthy gut environment. Even under stressful show situations, the feed intake should still be optimal.

At Feedmaster, we only use premium natural grains, seeds and raw materials for our Equimaster feed range and a high-spec vitamin and mineral premix formulated for high-performance horses to ensure overall health, cell renewal and energy system support. This vitamin and mineral premix contains added Biotin for hoof health, vitamins C and E and chromium to reduce oxidative stress in hard-working muscles. Further, a live yeast culture is added to improve roughage digestion and gut health. Our Equimaster horse feeds are high in natural oils and fats to ensure a nice, shiny coat.

Photo Credit: Svenja Sp├Ąth

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