Equibran from the Equimaster horse feed range is switching from mash to pellets

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Dear Equestrian community

When it comes to feeding your horse, we want to make things easier; therefore, Equibran mash will now be replaced with Equibran pellets, which can be used as a complementary feed with a balanced horse feed. This product can be fed dry or soaked in water, allowing for more flexibility and a lower chance of choking when the product has not been moistened by mistake.

Equibran offers an optimal fiber source with high-quality protein and is a natural source of phosphorus. Equibran, also known as digestive wheat bran, is low in starch and high in digestible fibre. It thus provides the horse with sustainable and slow- release energy while keeping the gut flora of the horse healthy. Further, the product can help with water retention in the hindgut of endurance horses.

Equibran pellets are enhanced with Acid Buf, a calcified deep-sea algae, which is beneficial in treating stomach ulcers as well as general stomach upsets like nonspecific diarrhoea. Acid Buf is a premium natural buffer that buffers the acid in the gastrointestinal tract, allowing for a beneficial environment for fibre-digesting microbes in the hindgut. It is a source of soluble calcium and magnesium, which benefit bone formation and muscle recovery. The magnesium content in Acid Buff can also have a beneficial calming effect on horses.

Equibran pellets are formulated with feedlime to achieve a calcium to phosphate ratio of 2:1, which is essential for bone development and growth and the maintenance of bone strength.

Equibran pellets are designed to be top-dressed on your horse's regular feed ration and/or fed as a snack within one hour before engaging in a potentially stressful event such as travelling, confinement, etcetera. It is also an excellent feed for follow-up treatment after a colic incidence or oral surgery, provided it is steeped in water.

For further information, please contact your Feedmaster Nutritionist.

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