Posted by Admin on 12 Feb 2020
Die kuddesamestelling van veeboerdery verwys na die verhoudings tussen ramme, ooie, vervangingsooie en lammers op die plaas. Vir optimale produksie en volhoubare weidingsbestuur is daar spesifieke riglyne om te volg. Vir enige vleisproduksie-eenheid moet die kuddesamestelling deurlopend bestuur word. Die bestuur van die veegetalle begin by die korrekte veebelading of bestokking van die plaas wat ‘n baie groot invloed het op volhoubare vleisproduksie. Elke plaas het sy eie drakrag wat bepaal word deur die plaas se ligging, grondtipes, weidingsamestelling, kleinvee, grootvee en reënval. ‘n… Read More
Posted by Markus du Plessis on 14 Nov 2019
A chicken’s digestive system is equipped to digest calcium carbonate very effectively. Limestone is the main source of calcium in poultry. The addition of limestone fragments increases the overall skeleton strength of the chickens and helps with the development of the eggshells. In Feedmaster’s Layer Mash 100 Larvadex, two types of limestone are used in a combination to achieve the optimal calcium level in the final feed namely fine limestone and limestone grit (coarse limestone).  The limestone grit that is used is seen as small rock-like pebbles. The reason for using… Read More
Posted by Claudia Isabell Mack on 13 Aug 2019
The effect of tannins on the digestive system of free-range ruminants was first observed in browsers such as kudus, which died for no apparent reason. It was after some research concluded that even though there was abundant fodder available, something was limiting the digestions of the fodder. This limiting factor was found to be tannins. Tannins are phenolic compounds that form strong bonds with proteins, cellulose, starch, and minerals in several plant species which are often consumed by ruminants such as cattle, sheep, goats and also game. The physical and chemical properties of tannins… Read More
Posted by Drikus Delport on 7 Aug 2019
Introduction During the extreme drought which Namibia is experiencing at the moment, many farmers have lost cattle and sheep to urea poisoning or what they suspect was urea poisoning. The following article will attempt to give background on what urea is and how it can be used in lick supplementation programs. Urea is a non-protein nitrogen (NPN) compound. Farmers should remember that urea contains no other useful feed components such as energy, amino acids, minerals or vitamins, therefore it should be used in conjunction with feed components which can supply the needed energy, amino acids,… Read More
Posted by Karlien Kuhn on 7 May 2019
Feedmaster has committed N$125 000 to the NAU’s Dare to Care Disaster Fund in support of relief efforts to the severe drought impacting Namibia. “Our Namibian family of customers and associates are experiencing devastating impact from the drought”, said Jaco Labuschagne, GM of Feedmaster Namibia. “We are on the ground to help our farmers and agricultural stakeholders in Namibia, and we will continue in the months ahead.” To help those in need, Feedmaster will furthermore supply subsidised animal feed, for specific products as agreed upon by the Dare to Care committee, for the period 8 April… Read More