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Posted by Admin on 13 Nov 2020
During the dry season from July to December, there is a huge drop in the nutritional value of natural pastures. Animals need more time and spend more energy to satisfy their nutritional needs. Most ewes struggle to raise twins which are common during this time of year. Fortunately, animals that are kraaled every night allow the owner to assist his animals daily. The following feeding guidelines will contribute to better production: 1. Treatment of Ewes which also contribute to better growth of Kids and Lambs Start supplementing ewes within the last 3 weeks before lambing! Ewes with twins… Read More
Posted by Markus du Plessis on 14 Nov 2019
A chicken’s digestive system is equipped to digest calcium carbonate very effectively. Limestone is the main source of calcium in poultry. The addition of limestone fragments increases the overall skeleton strength of the chickens and helps with the development of the eggshells. In Feedmaster’s Layer Mash 100 Larvadex, two types of limestone are used in a combination to achieve the optimal calcium level in the final feed namely fine limestone and limestone grit (coarse limestone).  The limestone grit that is used is seen as small rock-like pebbles. The reason for using… Read More
Posted by Dala du Plessis on 1 Oct 2015
WAAROM IS FUTTERFOS BETER AS DIE RES? Fosfaat is ‘n makro element waarvan hoeveelhede in gram per dag benodig word deur feitlik alle diere. Hierdie mineraal is betrokke by ‘n wye verskeidenheid metaboliese, neurologiese en sellulêre funksies. Dit speel veral n belangrike rol in die energie-metabolisme en bloed buffer sisteme. Die onderstaande illustrasie toon hoe die metabolisme van proteien, stysel en vet by mekaar aansluit en opeindig in die elektron transport ketting waar die fosfor molekule onvervangbaar is: Dit is ‘n komponent van die genetiese materiaal (RNA en DNA). Dit speel ook ‘n… Read More