Digestive Wheat Bran


Features and benefits:

  • Equibran offers an optimal fiber source with high quality protein and is a natural source of phosphorous.
  • Digestive wheat bran is low in starch and high in digestible fibre, and thus providing the horse with sustainable, slow release energy while keeping the bacterial population in the gut healthy.
  • Wheat bran could be the best way to add fibre, water and protein to your horse’s diet and could improve digestibility while not upsetting the daily feed ration.
Composition Amount
Protein 16% max
Moisture 13% Max
Phosphate (P) 0.9 - 1.2%

Directions for use:

  • Mix with water until the desired consistency is achieved, allow for 15 to steep before feeding.
  • Can be used in the follow-up treatment after a colic incident or as a treat.
  • Can be helpful with water retention in the gut of endurance horses.