Bush Improver Lick™

Bush Improver Lick™

Bush Improver Lick™
Reg. No.
N-FF 461
Supplement for Ruminants

Bush Improver Lick™

The high level of tannins found in bushes limits the nutritional value of bush and leaves. BUSH IMPROVER LICK contains-tannin inhibitor-that binds tannins and improves the utilisation of the available bush.

  • It is a ready-mixed maintenance lick for ruminants that prefer bush and leaves.
  • The lick’s protein content together with the functioning of the chemical ingredient improves the animal’s total protein use.
  • Due to the unique features of the product it has been composed so that game farmers can also use it successfully.
  • The product is especially adapted for all the antelope species that use urea.
  • It can be fed to both cattle and sheep.
Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 250 -
Protein ex NPN % - 70
Urea g/kg - 50
Moisture g/kg - 120
Phosphorus g/kg 12 -
Calcium g/kg - 30
Fibre g/kg - 100
Sulphur g/kg 6.25 -
Copper mg/kg 32.5 -
Manganese mg/kg 100 -
Zinc mg/kg 160 -
Cobalt mg/kg 1.5 -
Iodine mg/kg 2.4 -
Selenium mg/kg 0.7 -
Magnesium mg/kg 1500 -
Vitamin A IU/kg 9000 -
Tannin inhibitor g/kg 4 -

This feed contains NPN Sources and should be fed strictly according to instructions (see bag ticket).

This feed contains Poly-Ethilene-Glycol (tannin inhibitor). See bag ticket.

Mixing/Feeding Instructions

Feed Feedmaster Bush Improver Lick to cattle utilising browse as nutritional source. No further mixing required.