Cow Calf Lick™

Cow Calf Lick™

Cow Calf Lick™
Reg. No.
N-FF 0365

Cow Calf Lick™

Cow-Calf Lick is suitable for all the production needs on your farm as to:

  • Prevents weight loss among lactating animals.
  • Promotes estrus resulting in higher calving percentages.
  • Higher milk production causes higher weaning mass.
  • Decreases weaning shock due to the natural bypass protein and natural protein sources in the product that enhance growth, diminish the role of milk, and help the calf to become a ruminant without unnecessary weight loss.
  • Increases libido of bulls and rams (optimised fertility).
  • A must for all stud animals.
  • Cow-Calf Lick meets your COWS’ maintenance requirements on very dry grazing and includes high levels of protein and phosphate.
  • This lick does not attract baboons and birds.
Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 280 -
Protein ex NPN % - 70
Urea g/kg - 55
Moisture g/kg - 120
Phosphorus g/kg 12 -
Calcium g/kg - 24
Fibre g/kg - 80
Sulphur g/kg 2 -
Copper mg/kg 32.5 -
Manganese mg/kg 100 -
Zinc mg/kg 160 -
Cobalt mg/kg 1.5 -
Iodine mg/kg 2.4 -
Selenium mg/kg 0.7 -
Magnesium mg/kg 1500 -
Vitamin A IU/kg 9000 -

This feed contains NPN and must be fed strictly according to instructions (see bag ticket).

Mixing/Feeding Instructions

Feed Feedmaster Cow-Calf Lick as such to slaughter stock and producing animals. No further mixing required.