Rex - Adult

Rex - Adult

Rex - Adult

Rex - Adult

Realibale quality, no compromise

Dog nutrition basics through balanced...

  • essential amino acids to support important muscle and organ maintenance,
  • gelatinized combo's for improved energy availability,
  • vital fatty acids to help ensure healthy skin and shiny coat,
  • digestive fibres to help in the prevention of the uncomfortable effects of constipation and
  • adequate levels of vitamins and minerals that orchestrate the many important biochemical reactions inside the body to support a lusty livid life.

REX Dog Food does not contain:

  • synthetic colourants or flavourings
  • beef by-products
  • fish meal
  • ethoxyquin
  • added sugar
  • soya products

Available in 8 and 20-kg bags and NOW 40-kg bags

Protein 220 g/kg
Oils and Fats 90 g/kg
Fibre 3.5 g/kg
Ca:P ratio 1-1.5:1
Mixing/Feeding Instructions

We have changed the REX dog food packaging to a quality plastic quad-seal bag for your convenience.  

But while some things have changed, our commitment to your dog’s health & wellbeing has stayed the same.