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Feedmaster, Voermeester, Futtermeister (Pty), Ltd.

MISSION: VOERMEESTER & VEEKOS will create sustainable prosperity for all our stakeholders through superior products and value added services in the feed chain.

Feedmaster was founded in 1983 as a small feed milling operation with the initial main purpose of adding value to available milling byproducts. Today Feedmaster produces a wide range of technologically advanced animal feeds, with an annual output in excess of 90 000 tonnes.
Feedmaster is the only local producer of animal feeds and competes without protection against South African or SADC feed companies that are interested in exporting feed to Namibia. Veekos was obtained during 2000 from Agra Coop, KLK and Oranje Coop, and focus mainly on the manufacturing and distribution of roughage containing feed products to the small stock market.
The Veekos factory is situated in Upington. As a local producer, Feedmaster provides an income to more than 200 families.
The Management of Feedmaster and its employees recognise individually and collectively the responsibility for the quality performance of the Company.
We therefore commit ourselves to continuously provide technology advanced animal feed produces that comply with the feed-to-food safety requirements of customers, animals and consumers, as well as all statutory requirements at all times.
Feedmaster is committed to engage its employees and leverage its technology to protect human health and the environment in all operations, services and products, and to contribute to the achievement of an environmentally efficient national and global economy.
The Management team and all employees regard it as their responsibility and passion to achieve continuous and notable improvement of our quality systems and standards.


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Newsletter: VEEPOS - UITGAWE 4

Phosphate Supplementation of Cattle
(By Claudia I. Mack and Christo du Plessis, Feedmaster)

A phosphate deficiency in nutrition directly leads to weak growth and poor reproductive efficiency in animals. More than 90% of the Southern African natural resources are situated in semi-arid climate areas. These areas, which are dependent on extensive animal production, are often deficient in phosphate. Phosphate supplementation is thus indispensable, especially during the growing season (rainy season) when the pastures are green and grow actively and the animal’s body weight is constantly increasing. (Phosphate is a source of phosphorous).

Published: Jan 27, 2010 - 08:56 AM
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Newsletter: VEEPOS - UITGAWE 3


BEEFPRO 14 is ʼn ruvoer vrye afrondingskorrel spesiaal geformuleer vir stoetvee. Met sy unieke samestelling met meer natuurlike proteïen kan die produk op die veld of op kraal gebruik word vir die voorbereiding van veiling- en skou diere. Ruvoer moet altyd beskikbaar wees deur veld hooi ad lib eenkant te sit of die Beefpro14 korrels kan met lusernkorrels of volvoer korrels gemeng word vir die ruvoer komponent. Omdat dit ʼn ruvoer vrye korrel is moet dit teen 1% van lewende massa gevoer word. Beefpro14 het ʼn 14% ruproteïen vlak met voldoende energie om jou skoukalwers optimaal te laat uitgroei en goeie spiergroei te verseker.

Published: Jan 27, 2010 - 08:50 AM
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Newsletter: VEEPOS - UITGAWE 2


Baie welkom by die verspreiding van ons tweede uitgawe!

Voermeester het onlangs sy 25ste bestaansjaar gevier. Sedert die Maatskappy in 1983 as ‘n klein verwerker van meule byprodukte gestig is, het dit ontwikkel tot ‘n gemeganiseerde fabriek wat ‘n inkomste bied aan meer as 100 gesinne en wat bykans 70 000 ton voer per jaar verkoop.

Published: Jan 27, 2010 - 08:43 AM
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