Equimaster Performance™

Equimaster Performance™

Equimaster Performance™
Reg. No.
NFF 4106
Equimaster Performance

Equimaster Performance™

Equimaster Performance-Horse Feed,- Muesli or Pellets-is suitable for racing and breeding (barren/pregnant/lactating mares, working stallions and growing young stock).

Features and benefits:

  • Higher protein level for growing horses and strenuous exercise.
  • Contains oats, bran and cracked maize.
  • Boosted levels of micro-nutrients for optimum production.
  • Contains a live yeast culture (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) for enhanced fiber digestion and mineral availability.
Composition Amount
Energy: Total content (minimum) Moderate (9.8 MJ/kg)
Energy: Starch level Medium
Energy: Minimum fat content 4%
Protein: Minimum content Medium (13%)

Type of exercise expected:-Anaerobic exercise (short bursts).

Mixing/Feeding Instructions

See bag ticket.