Reg. No. N-FF 0943

Complete Feed for Herbivores

Mass: 50 kg


  • It is the best feed to enhance growth of young reproducting animals, thereby ensuring optimal growth and development of the testes.
  • Contains a high quality protein (no urea) to ensure good muscle development and fertility without excessive fat.
  • Ideal for the preparation of rams and ewes for shows and auctions.
  • Prevents conformation problems as the energy-protein mineral content (macro- and micro minerals) is formulated to sustain moderate growth tempo.
  • Contains ammonium chloride and ammonium sulphate to prevent the forming of stones in the bladder.
  • Contains a vitamin/mineral premix to satisfy daily needs.
  • A live yeast culture was introduced to improve rumen health and adaption.


Recommended intake

Gradually adapt animals as prescribed under Breker 12 (p 32) until, after seven days, they are ready to feed

ad lib.


Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 140  
Protein ex NPN %   11.2
Moisture g/kg   120
Phosphorus g/kg 2  
Calcium g/kg   15
Fat g/kg 25 75
Fibre g/kg   150
Sulphur g/kg 1.4  
Copper mg/kg 2  
Manganese mg/kg 40  
Zinc mg/kg 60  
Cobalt mg/kg 1  
Iodine mg/kg 1  
Selenium mg/kg 0.3  
Magnesium mg/kg 220  
Vitamin A IU/kg 5000  



This feed contains NPN from Ammonium Chloride and/or Ammonium Sulphate and must be fed strictly according to instructions. This product contains no Urea (see bag ticket).

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: Feed as is. No mixing required. Feed without restriction to all herbivores after a 7 to 10 day adaption period. Supply sufficient feeding space. Can be fed in troughs or on hard surfaces.

Recommended daily intake: Feed without restriction to all herbivores after a 7 to 10 day adaption period.