Reg. No. N-FF 2224

Dairy Cow

Mass: 50 kg


Feedmaster has a wide range of dairy meals and pellets which are differentiated in their energy and protein content.



Econo Dairy Range: Energy = 10 MJ/kg, Protein = 15 %, 17%, 19% and 21%

Maxi Dairy Range: Energy = 11 MJ/kg, Protein = 15%, 17%, 19% and 21%

Super Dairy Range: Energy = 12 MJ/kg, Protein = 15%, 17%, 19% and 21%


Our dairy products all contain a premix specially formulated for dairy cattle.

The Maxi and the Super dairy range contain an organic premix formulated for the vitamin and mineral requirements of high producing dairy cows.

A live yeast is also added to ensure better rumen health.


Mixing/ Feeding Instructions: No mixing required. 

Recommended daily intake:

Each product can be fed as follows together with ad lib hay: 

Small frame cows: 500 to 550g/litre milk, 

Large frame cows: 600 to 650g/litre milk, and

For high producing cows our nutritionist can work out daily mixed rations for your specific needs together with your raw materials available on the farm.