Reg. No. N-FF 0366

Calf Feed

Mass: 50 kg


Calf Stater is suitable for dairy calves after they have been weaned from the cow for three days. These calves now rely on a milkreplacer or full milk and it would be of advantage if their digestive system develops as soon as possible to that of a ruminant. Vitamins included.


Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 180  
Moisture %   120
Fat g/kg 25  
Fibre g/kg   90
Calcium g/kg   16
Phosphorus g/kg 6  
Magnesium g/kg 0.45 2.3
Potassium g/kg 4.5 6.3
Sulphur mg/kg 0.7 1.4
Iron mg/kg 45  
Manganese mg/kg 36  
Copper mg/kg 7.2  
Cobalt mg/kg 0.1  
Zinc mg/kg 27  
Selenium mg/kg 0.18  
Iodine mg/kg 0.45  
Vitamins included      


Mixing/Feeding Instructions: No mixing required.

Recommended daily intake: Feed ad lib to calves from 3 days old until daily intake exceeds 750 g. Switch over to Feedmaster Calf Grower Meal.

Note: This is not a milk replacement. Please consult an animal nutritionist.