Reg. No. N-FF 1314

Finisher Feed for Ruminants

Mass: 50 kg


Beefpro 14 is a finishing pellet without roughage, especially for stud animals.

  • With its unique composition of increased natural protein it can be used on pasture or in the kraal to prepare animals destined for auctions or shows.
  • Roughage must always be available if you do kraal finishing, thus it can be mixed with lucerne pellets or roughage for extra fibre.
  • A live yeast culture was introduced to improve rumen health and adaption.


Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 140  
Protein ex NPN %   26
Urea g/kg   10
Moisture g/kg   120
Phosphorus g/kg 4.5  
Calcium g/kg   10
Fat g/kg 25  
Fibre g/kg   120
Sulphur g/kg 1.35  
Copper mg/kg 10  
Manganese mg/kg 30  
Zinc mg/kg 70  
Cobalt mg/kg 0.3  
Iodine mg/kg 0.8  
Selenium mg/kg 0.3  
Vitamin A IU/kg 4000  



This feed contains NPN Sources (Urea) and should be fed strictly according to instructions (see bag ticket).

Vitamin activity decreases with time. Consult the manufacturer or a nutritionist.

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: Feed Feedmaster Beefpro 14 pellets as is. No mixing required.

Recommended daily intake: Feed at approximate 1% to 2% of live mass to cattle and sheep with ad lib roughage after a seven-day adaptation period.