Reg. No. N-FF 2831

Mineral Concentrate

Mass: 50 kg


Bush Improver Concentrate is a protein-mineral lick concentrate AND MUST THEREFORE BE MIXED.

  • Bush Improver Concentrate contains tannin inhibitor that binds tannins and improves the utilisation of the available bush.
  • The concentrate can be mixed with many local raw materials like camel-thorn and prosopis pods, ensuring a cost-effective lick. Feedmaster staff can aid you with the formulation of such licks.
  • Complete mixing instructions for maintenance licks and finishing feeds, are printed on the bag labels.
  • The high level of tannins found in bushes limits the nutritional value of bush and leaves.
Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 500  
Protein ex NPN %   89
Urea g/kg   150
Moisture g/kg   120
Phosphorus g/kg 30  
Calcium g/kg   60
Fibre g/kg   80
Sulphur g/kg 12.5  
Copper mg/kg 65  
Manganese mg/kg 200  
Zinc mg/kg 320  
Cobalt mg/kg 3  
Iodine mg/kg 4.8  
Selenium mg/kg 1.4  
Magnesium mg/kg 3000  
Vitamin A IU/kg 18000  
Tannin inhibitor g/kg 8  


This feed contains NPN Sources and should be fed strictly according to instructions (see bag ticket).

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: This product is a concentrate and must be mixed as per mixing instructions on the label. Mix 50kg of Bush Improver Concentrate with 50kg salt.

Recommended daily intake: Large stock: 500 g per day (Final feed) Small stock: 85-125 g per day (Final feed)