Reg. No.NFF – 4102

Horse Concentrate Feed

Mass: 40/50 kg


Maintenance Horse Muesli and Pellets is suitable for harness and trail riding (vaulting, showing, equitation, and Gymkhana horses). 

Features and benefits: 

  • Versatile feed that can be used for all horses.
  • It is a perfect feed for farm horses after a day's work, as well as for stabled horses doing moderate work.
  • Adequate protein and strach levels assure a balanced meal every day.


Composition Amount
Energy: Total content (minimum) Moderate (9.5 MJ/kg)
Energy: Starch level Medium
Energy: Minimum fat content 3%
Protein: Minimum content Moderate (12%)


Type of exercise expected: Low to medium. 

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: See bag ticket.

Recommended daily intake: 

Horse weight Light work Moderate work Heavy work
350 kg 1 kg/day 2 kg/day 3 kg/day
450 kg 2 kg/day 3 kg/day 4 kg/day
550 kg 3 kg/day 4 kg/day 5 kg/day


  • The recommendations are intended as a guideline only.
  • Good quality water and suffient amounts of roughage should always be freely available.
  • Introduce the feed gradually with increasing amounts over a 10 day period.
  • Do not feed more than 2-3 kg of Equimaster feed per meal.
  • Water and chopped roughage can be added to pellets and muesli.