Reg. No. N-FF 461

Protein-Mineral Supplement for Ruminants

Mass: 50 kg


The high level of tannins found in bushes limits the nutritional value of bush and leaves. BUSH IMPROVER LICK contains tannin inhibitor that binds tannins and improves the utilisation of the available bush.

  • It is a ready-mixed maintenance lick for ruminants that prefer bush and leaves.
  • The lick’s protein content together with the functioning of the chemical ingredient improves the animal’s total protein use.
  • Due to the unique features of the product it has been composed so that game farmers can also use it successfully.
  • The product is especially adapted for all the antelope species that use urea.
  • It can be fed to both cattle and sheep.


Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 250  
Protein ex NPN %   70
Urea g/kg   50
Moisture g/kg   120
Phosphorus g/kg 12  
Calcium g/kg   30
Fibre g/kg   100
Sulphur g/kg 6.25  
Copper mg/kg 32.5  
Manganese mg/kg 100  
Zinc mg/kg 160  
Cobalt mg/kg 1.5  
Iodine mg/kg 2.4  
Selenium mg/kg 0.7  
Magnesium mg/kg 1500  
Vitamin A IU/kg 9000  
Tannin inhibitor g/kg 4  


This feed contains NPN Sources and should be fed strictly according to instructions (see bag ticket).

This feed contains Poly-Ethilene-Glycol (tannin inhibitor). See bag ticket.

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: Feed Feedmaster Bush Improver Lick to cattle utilising browse as nutritional source. No further mixing required.

Recommended daily intake: Cattle: 500 g Sheep: 85-125 g