Reg. No. N-FF 3372

Complete Feed for Game

Mass: 50 kg



Standard Game Pellets are made from natural sources of protein.

  • It contains no urea. The product is therefore, very safe for use by all game species..
  • It contains a tannin-binder that binds the tannins and therefore enhances the utilisation of bushes.
  • The protein content as well as the working of the tannin-binder improves the animals’ absorption of protein, thereby improving production.
  • This product is also a Lucerne-based pellet ideal for supplementary feeding on poor pastures.
Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg 130  
ME (Ruminant Estimate) MJ/kg 9  
Moisture g/kg   120
Fat g/kg 20 85
Fibre mg/kg 200  
Vitamin A IU/kg 6500  
Vitamin E IU/kg 11  
Biotin mg/kg 1.5  
Calcium g/kg   13
Phosphorus g/kg 2  
Magnesium mg/kg 300  
Manganese mg/kg 120  
Copper mg/kg 13.5  
Cobalt mg/kg 1  
Zinc mg/kg 128  
Selenium mg/kg 0.4  
Iodine mg/kg 1.1  

Mixing/ Feeding Instructions: No mixing required.

Recommended daily intake: Game Pellets to game at a daily rate of approximately 1 to 2% of body mass with ad lib grass hay or free access to natural pasture.


This feed does not contain urea.