Reg. No. N-FF 1005

Mineral Concentrate

Mass: 40 kg


  • Feedmaster FUTTERFOS is a P14 with 8% molasses and a new trace-mineral premix.
  • The product's Ca:P ratio is 1:1.
  • It replaces the standard P12 products as a result of new Namibian research results.
  • Due to the fact that too high-levels of Ca suppress the absorption of P and other trace minerals (iron, iodine, zinc and manganese) and that Namibian sandveld areas already have too much Ca in relation to P, the better ratio of 1:1 of Futterfos improves the absorption of P.
  • Another point is that the Ca:P ratio of leaf material of bush is much higher than that of grass pastures. Therefore,where animals consume a big amount of bush the 1:1 ratio of Futterfos also improves the absorption of P and other minerals.
  • Phosphate sources with the highest bio-availability was used in the development of the product.
Composition Minimum Maximum
Phosphorus g/kg 140  
Calcium g/kg   150
Sulphur g/kg 5  
Moisture g/kg   150
Copper mg/kg 300  
Iron mg/kg 1500  
Manganese mg/kg 1300  
Zinc mg/kg 1600  
Cobalt mg/kg 8  
Iodine mg/kg 30  
Selenium mg/kg 6  
Magnesium mg/kg 3600  
Vitamin A IU/kg 5000  

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: This product is a concentrate and must be mixed as per mixing instructions on the label. To obtain a P6 (Mineral-Trace Mineral-Salt Supplement), mix 40 kg Feedmaster Futterfos with 50 kg salt. The mixture contains 45% of the minerals indicated above. Feed to ruminants on green grazing as a mineral supplement.

Recommended daily intake (P6): Cattle: 100-200 g Sheep: 17-50 g