Reg. No. N-FF 4175

Horse Feed

Mass: 40/50 kg


Equimaster Endurance Horse Feed - Muesli or Pellets is suitable for endurance racing, "Hot" horses and ponies and horses in poor condition. 

Features and benefits: 

  • Low protein feed - reduces metabolic heat load and improves water retention.
  • Contains oats, bran and cracked maize.
  • "Soft pellets" prevents horses sifting out important ingredients and decreases feed wastage.
  • Fortified with appropriate levels of the complete range of vitamins and trace minerals for hard working horses.
  • Added anti-oxidants - Chromium and vitamin C to reduce oxidative stress in hard working muscles.
  • Additional organic trace minerals (Selenium, magganese, zinc, copper and iron) are included for improved absorption.
  • Contains a live yeast culture for enhanced fiber digestion and mineral availability.


Composition Amount
Energy: Total content (minimum) High (10.2 MJ/kg)
Energy: Starch level Low (calming/tranquil feed)
Energy: Minimum fat content 7%
Protein: Minimum content Low (11%)


Type of exercise expected: Aerobic exercise (long distance).

Mixing/Feeding Instructions: See bag ticket.

Recommended daily intake: 

Horse weight Light work Moderate work Heavy work
350 kg 1 kg/day 2 kg/day 3 kg/day
450 kg 2 kg/day 3 kg/day 4 kg/day
550 kg 3 kg/day 4 kg/day 5 kg/day


  • The recommendations are intended as a guidleine only.
  • Good quality water and pasture/hay should always be freely available.
  • Introduce the feed gradually with increasing amounts over a 10 day period.
  • Do not feed more than 2-3 kg of Pro-Horse feed per meal.
  • Water and chopped roughage can be added to pellets and muesli.
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