Reg. No. N-FF 1456

Energy Supplement

Mass: 50 kg


ENERMOL is a molasses-based source of energy that combines multiple aspects of energy in ruminants’ supplementation.

  • It contains rapidly fermentable energy that supplies energy to the microbes in the rumen.
  • This is especially important for the effective use of urea in licks that contain urea.
  • Enermol synergistically supplies a highly digestible source of energy, directly meeting the energy needs of the ruminant.
  • The ideal product to use in mixtures with Dry Veld Concentrate, Grassveld Concentrate, Bush Improver Concentrate or Cattle Mix 4:1:5 according to the prescribed recipes.


Composition Minimum Maximum
Protein g/kg­ 110  
Moisture g/kg   160
Phosphorus g/kg 3  
Calcium g/kg   9
Fat g/kg  25  
Fibre g/kg   70


Mixing/Feeding Instructions: No mixing required.


Recommended daily intake: Feed 1% of body weight per day as an energy supplement after an adaption period of seven days or mix into feed as prescribed by a qualified animal nutritionist.

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